The Castle of Soiano del Lago (ENG)

The Castle of Soiano del Lago (ENG)

The Castle of Soia no stands around what remains of the structure of an ancient roman stronghold, as testified by some of the castle's supporting structures and by the discovery of fragmentary funerea I and votive inscriptions, one of which is stil I preserved inside the ramparts.

lt was buit probably following the invasion by the Hungarians in 899,invasion that in consecutive waves went on for more than SO years, after the fall of the empire of  the Franks, succeded by the empire of Longobards.

lt belonged to a single defence system to which the castles of Desenzano, Lonato, Padenghe,Moniga also belonged.

They are all "castle shelter", that is addressed to host and to safeguard from sacks and enemy incursions ,the inhabitants of the town with their animals, household effects and foodstuffs .

All these castles have never been the abode of a lord ora  a feudatory,buth they had always symbolized a ideai of self-defence of the District and their citizens.lndeed during all the Middle Ages until the Serenissima rule, the castle was the piace, in which the heads of the household gathered to elect their delegate - the cosuls- and to approve the most important issues of the community. An important remake of the castle was made in 1330,when Mastino della scala, lord of verona, supported by the entire Benacus Riviera,attempted to conquer Brescia. Defeated Mastino, the entire area was ruled by John of Bohemia. Then the Riviera passed under the rule of the Serenissima Republic and it remained until the Cisalpine Republic.

During the centuries the castle is necassary of refuge for the population and fpr their poor possessions, from the passages of armies in war, dedicateci to oppressions and sacks.

The tower, rebuilt at the beginnign of the eighteenth century together with the drawbridge, is equipped with bells, in favor of the parish Church.

Sold to privates at the beginning of 1900, in 1985 the Omodeo Salè family gave the oenership of the ancient castle to the council of SoianoThe entrance is made up on an imposing fortification, whcich is still in good condition; on the right we can find the fortified tower and the clock-tower . Moving beyond the entrance we can find a little court yard with access to little rooms on the both sides,inhabited up to dozens years ago. Then there is a large espace, dedicated to shows and summer events.

On the bottom we can see the rests of the corner-towers on east side, from which there is a wonderful view on the lake and on the hills, full of fields of vines and olive trees.

In good conditions is all the sorrounding wall.

The castle, sorrounded by the council park, can stil! quite rightly be considered the symbol and the heart of the community.